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4WD Tips - 10 Off Road Driving Tips

4WD Tips & Tricks

Aussie 4WDing is something we all LOVE and it can be a great life long adventure. Before rushing off into the bush you need to be mindful of the limitations of yourself and your 4X4 Rig. If you decide to go off-road you need to arm yourself with the correct arsenal of 4WD Tips & Tricks.

There is nothing worse than being stranded in the middle of nowhere. We are of the opinion that you never stop learning new 4WD tips & tricks when it comes to 4wding. So here is a quick list we threw together to get you started;

1. Be Prepared For The Worst

Before departing on your trip give some thought to the type of terrain you will be dealing with and pack accordingly. Always pack spare parts and a tool kit. Before departure have your vehicle serviced by a mechanic and do all the necessary checks. Brake pads, oil, water etc.

2. Take a Mate

It is always a good idea when going off-road to go with a mate or a 4wd club. Even the most experienced 4Wder can run into trouble. Having another 4X4 with you on your journey will also instill a level of confidence knowing you can be recovered if things go wrong.

3. Know your Vehicle Manual

This is extremely important, you need to know your truck intimately before heading offroad. You need to know all of the warning lights, buttons and how to diagnose a problem as best you can.

4. Know your Ground Clearance

This is easier said than done and may take some time on the track to know your 4x4's clearance intimately. However, you should be mindful of your vehicles lowest point when tackling ruts and treacherous terrain.

5. Do your Homework

Do your homework on the tracks & are that you plan to travel and ensure that you have the latest up to date maps available for the area. Sometimes calling ahead to a local information center to ask about track conditions can be very handy. (If there are any close to the area)

4WD Tips & Tricks

6. Recovery Equipment

Before heading offroad ensure that you always inspect your recovery gear. If you are suspect of any of your recovery gear, replace it. There is nothing worse than having your recovery gear fail when you need it most.

7. Check the Weather

Knowing the weather ahead of time can help you determine the best tracks to take and where to setup camp.

8. Use a Spotter

If you approach an area that looks tricky, use a spotter. They can be a great help to guide you through a tricky rut. Your spotter will have a much better view of the best line and where your vehicle is placed on the track.

9. Take it Slow

When ascending or descending never go too fast. Going too fast puts you at an increased risk of losing control of your vehicle. Also, when tackling the tracks going too fast can put your rig at increased risk of serious damage.

10. Use Your Gears

Always engage your high and low range when required. Using low range on your ascents and descents is crucial. Using your low range gears can help you reduce the chances of cooking your breaks.


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