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Adventure Kings Generator Review

Adventure Kings Generator Review 3.3/5

My Adventure Kings Generator Review - What I Really Think!

Thank you for reading our Adventure Kings Generator Review. We will be sharing with you everything you need to know before you make a purchase. Some of the first hand customer experiences you may find interesting. Keep Reading.

kings 2kva generator Hi There, My name is Neil Bool. I've recently been invited to be a guest blogger here at Aussie 4X4 Pro. I live in Mareeba, a small town located within Far North Queensland, (1 hour west of Cairns). There is a lot on offer here in terms of adventuring, camping and 4wding, which is what drew me to the area. I drive a white 2009, 79 Series Landcruiser with lift, underbody protection, snorkel, aluminium canopy (norweld) with roof top tent, fridge, barwork, winch and much more. I better stop talking about the rig I could go on for aaages, so let's take get onto Adventure Kings Generator Review.


Adventure Kings Enclosed 2kVA Generator 79CC - 4 Stroke

Engine Displacement & Power Output

The Adventure Kings Generator has a powerful 100 cc Air cooled 4- Stroke OHV engine. The generator can produce a maximum of 2kw of power that can usually power most items at the campsite. While this is a 79cc engine it is still highly portable and considered reasonably lightweight. The Adventure Kings Generator states on their website that it is suitable for sensitive devices. Well, as with most cheap generators that's not usually the case. You won't see me charging anything delicate on one of these, that's just me. Adventure Kings Generator Review

Run-time & Fuel Type

The Generator can store 4 liters of regular unleaded and its been stated has a run time of 6 hours. The small petrol tank still provides enough fuel for the generator to run for a total of 3.8 Hours under load.


Panel Outlets:

  • 2 X 240V
  • 12v DC (charging) receptacle

Noise Levels: Bring Your Ear Muffs

It has been stated that the Adventure Kings generator puts out 57Db of sound while running under load at 7 metres away. Now after hearing my mate's run his it sure as heck sounds a fair bit louder than what they state. 60Db is compared to a running dishwasher at full cycle, I could hear it running loud and clear with the unit behind a tree 20m from the fire. You can't expect the the super cheap unit's to be perfect in every aspect, but these new somewhat refined compact series is a step up on the old.

Things We Like:

The unit has an adjustable choke that makes it easier to start on those frosty mornings and is reasonably easy to start. There is nothing worse that a generator that struggles to start on a cold morning. The generator is lightweight, portable and has a sturdy design. The unit is also very easy to start and you will not put your shoulder firing up this generator. The unit is extremely well priced and from the surface represents good value for money.

Things We Don't Like:

The unit's are a little noisy, well my mates one certainly was so keep that in mind. If noise is not an issue then no worries. Run times when under load could be improved by upgrading to a larger fuel tank saving multiple trips back and forth topping up on fuel. Yes, these units are priced very well but they are not without their imperfections.


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