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Darche Roof Top Tent Review - Darche Panorama 2 - Jaw Dropping Facts

What Makes The Darche Roof Top Tent So Special

Darche Panorama 2 Review

I Personally believe that the Darche roof top tent is one of the best quality products in its field within the 4 wheel drive industry. This is largely because they offer both immersive value, outstanding convenience and superior quality that is incomparable to any other accessory that can be integrated on a 4wd vehicle. We all know how hard it can be to navigate Australia's rough terrain and having to setup a tent at the end of a long day is a real drag.

With a Darche Panorama 2 Roof Top Tent, the setup is an absolute breeze and super fast. You are given the ultimate convenience of not having to set up a tent time and time again. Oh and did I mention that pack up is also easy too? YEP~! From start to finish you can have your roof top setup for the night in around 1 minute. Very impressive don't you think?

What is a Darche Panorama 2 Roof Top Tent?

If you took a hint from above, you should have seen that a Darche Roof Top Tent is simple and easy to setup. Spend less time on your setup and more time doing more important things like making a beverage. Darche Panorama 2 would have to be one of the most sought after Touring Roof Top Tents on the market.  

The closed unit has been designed to minimize drag via it's relatively low profile that aids with vehicle handling. The Roof Top Tent sits on a Centre pivoting Yoke with an Aluminium checker plate base directly above which provides ultimate strength with minimal weight. Darche, without a doubt are high quality and that's reflected in their quality build materials.

The Roof Top Tent is manufactured from 340gsm Poly/Cotton Ripstop Canvas and the bucket floor is made from 550gsm. Making the floor from 550gsm means it's made for constant foot traffic in and out of the Darche Panorama 2 Rooftop Tent.

Features of a Darche Roof Top Tent

Here are the features of a Darche Panorama 2 Roof Top Tent.
  • Zippered Sunroof for Star Gazing.
  • This Darche Panorama 2's Zippered Sunroof will also enhance the airflow in your tent by allowing the safe passage of air without much disturbance.
  • It has a low profile compact design. This means when you'll be driving around, your vehicle's handling will be improved and drag force will be lessened.
  • The Roof Top Tent is built with an extremely high quality poly cotton double pass rip stop canvas and PVC zip off bucket floor on the annex.
  • Versatile 3-way annex.
  • Strong and fine insect mesh which means you won't have to be worried about being bugged by mosquitoes during the night.
  • Rigid Aluminium Checker Frame Base
  • Washable cotton cover included on the 50mm Mattress.
  • Unit is Packed down into a 600 GSM PVC Tonneu Cover
  • Convenient design to optimize airflow that reduces condensation buildup. Nothing worse than a drip of water on the forehead in the middle of the night.

The Darche inner tent size is a comfortable 1.25m High X 2.4m Long X 1.43m Wide that should comfortably sleep two people. As you can see from the above features, one of the takeaways of having a Darche Panorama 2 is that it's extremely durable and durability means you get value for money because you bought a product that lasts.

When you purchase a cheaper alternative their product is made from poorer quality materials to bring the overall price down. This in turn results in a reduced lifespan of the product and increases the chances of potential damage to the product. As the old saying goes, 'buy quality once or buy cheap twice'.

Benefits of Having a Darche Panorama 2 Rooftop Tent

There are many benefits associated with having and owning Darche Panorama roof top tent but I think the most important one is just the amount of convenient it offers. The fact that you won't spend as much time on packing and unpacking has a great appeal when constantly on the move. This means you won't have to deal with neither bugs nor moisture from the ground.

And most importantly, you'll get to enjoy that soft breeze of air. I personally love that you can lay in bed and fall asleep staring at the stars thanks to the Darche Sunroof.

There are literally hundreds of happy customers that have left 5 star reviews on the Panorama tent, so rest assure you wont be having buyers remorse. A Darche Roof top tent offers you intrinsic value at an affordable price you expect with Quality. A friend of ours purchased the Panorama 2 a couple of years back now and he has used it so many times, it's not even showing any signs of aging.

As they old saying goes, you buy quality once or you buy cheap twice. We love saving money and love sharing the best deals we come across for our Readers.


What Comes In The Box:

- 50mm Dense Thick Mattress with Washable Cotton Cover - 3 Way Annex - 600 GSM Tonneu Cover - Pack Down Bungee Cords - Pegs - Guy Ropes - Window Poles - Instructions - Mounting Brackets


Suitable Roof Racks for the Panorama 2 Roof Top Tent

Your vehicle will have a specified roof load limit that will be available by contacting your local dealership. Roof limits may also be present in your vehicles owner manual. Correctly fitted quality roof rack systems are ideal for a roof top tent as they are designed to evenly distribute the weight across structural areas of the vehicle.

The Panorama 2's have been installed on Prado's, Landcruisers, Toyota Hilux's, Nissan Patrol's, Triton's, Isuzu Utes with Canopy, Ford Rangers and the list goes on. See weights below for your own reference: Weight of Roof top tent: 55 kg Weight of Roof racks: 12 kg Weight of two adults: 180kg Total weight = 247kg Approx 1/3 of the weight is transferred via a correctly assembled ladder.

Approx total static weight on the roof= 164.6kg A quick google search quickly reveals the huge number of vehicle makes that have a panorama installed, so it is highly likely your vehicle will be correctly suited. Do a quick check just to be sure.


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