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Easiest Tent Setup - Best 3 Tents with Insanely Easy Setup

easiest tent to setup

These Tents Provide the Easiest Tent Setup Australia Money Can Buy - 'Best 3 Hand Picked Tents'

You won't believe how insanely easy these hand pick australian tents are to pack up and pack down.


Fast tent Setup

Hey Guys, My name's Monique and ill be walking you through the easiest tent setup options money can buy. I am 30 years of age and a massively keen nature photographer that leads me to some amazing destinations. I own a 2012 Ford Ranger XLT that allows me to travel to some of the most remote locations in Australia.


Keep It Simple...

Easy Tent Set Up

Have you ever found yourself looking at a bag full of tent annexe, poles and ropes with no idea on what to do next? Well that's exactly how I felt when I was trying to setup the first tent I ever purchased from BCF several years back. I had poles of all different colors, different length guide ropes, two different annexes and it was a bloody nightmare.

I hate to admit this, but it took me a good hour and a half to setup what was supposed to be a basic 3 man tent. How horribly wrong was I! After that, I sold my tent to a friend and vowed to find a genuinely easy setup and pack down tent. I like to keep my camping setup as basic and practical as possible, so I can spend more time doing what I love, taking Photographs!


Easiest Tent to Setup - 2 Person

Malamoo Cicara 1.0 - Popup 3 Second Tent

The Malamoo 3 Second Tent are an ideal option for people that value a fast setup and pack down.

You can literally pull this tent out of its bag and throw where you want it setup. The poles are all pre loaded so it pops open and assembles itself instantly.

All you really need to do after that is peg everything down including the guide ropes (if weather is rough). Very easy and comfortably sleeps 2 people.

This tent has a comfortable feel, completely water proof and breathes very well.

The canvas is quality stuff, so if you look after this tent it should last for quite some time.

Setup Time: 3 Seconds

Packup Time: 15 Seconds into the bag. (With a little practice)

Weight: A tiny 3kg

Dimensions: 240cm L x 180cm W x 100cm H

Product Rating: 4.3/5


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Easiest Tent To Setup - 3-4 Person

Darche Air Volution AT4 Inflatable Family Tent

Darche Air volution review

If you are looking for a little more room or have a small family then you cannot go past the Darche Air Volution. These Tents are crazy easy to assemble, you simply connect a foot pump to the valve specified and start pumping. As the air enters inflates the main support channels it erects the tent's main rigid structure. Very easy indeed. It's not immediately evident but the annex and internal layer is included in one piece so no fiddling around with two layers.

I was a little skeptical at first how these would go in a storm, but after watching Darche punishing these in a wind tunnel they are good as gold. Now these tents are admittedly not crazy quick to setup, but you do have to expect that with a larger tent. While assembly time is a little longer than the Malamoo, they are still very easy to assemble and pack down.

Check Out The Video Below:

Weight: A tiny 3kg

Specifications: Internal Dimensions: 2400mm L x 2800mm W x 2050mm H + (awning) 2800mm L External Dimensions: 2600mm L x 3000mm W x 2150mm H + (awning) 2800mm L Packed Down: (approx.) 380mm H x 380mm W x 790mm L Weight: 23.6kg2

Product Rating: 4.5/5


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Easiest Tent To Setup - 4-5 Person

Generic Brand - Instant 4-5 Person Waterproof Tent

Ok, so I felt compelled to throw in a generic Amaya 5 person tent that I stumbled across on ebay. The product looks identical to the Malamoo range that's already established here in Australia.

To be honest, my guess would be they come out of the same factory. I haven't personally used this product but its another instant pop up design with pre tensioned fiberglass poles for fast pack up and pack down. The feedback from past customers that I found were all positive and it's pretty hard to argue with the price.

If you have a larger family and are camping on a budget or simply want a fast and easy setup with extra space they are seriously worth a look.


Setup Time: 15 Seconds

Floor Dimensions: 2.88m L 2.00m Weight: 5-6Kg


WILD CARD ENTRY - OZ Tent RV Range - 30 Second Series

OZ Tent RV4 Review

The OZ Tent RV Range are a very well made piece of Aussie ingenuity. This product has been featured in many different outdoor shows and online. The OZ Tent RV Range have a bunch of raving reviews from customers. Why didn't the Oz Tent Rv Rang make the list? Well, I felt there are a couple of better options that represented better value.

But for supreme quality this product takes the cake. Admittedly the RV Range Tents have a unique and easy to assemble design coupled with high quality finish. The canvas is also an exceptional quality, they breathe well and stand up to the most rugged storms we have here in Aus.

They are however, a little more expensive due to the high quality of the canvas and design. 


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