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Gunshot Creek - Via Old Telegraph Track

Gunshot Creek crossing is a well known part of the telegraph track that should be included on your Cape York expedition. One of the first things you will notice upon arriving at gunshot creek is the Large Tree in the middle of the creek. The tree has been turned into a shrine with signs, alternators, car door frames and more nailed to the tree. The Locals say that if you want to do this track properly you need to descend down the main steep drops or the most right hand track. There is an easier option for the less experienced, and this alternative can be found further down the creek to the left. The easier path has been nicknamed the slingshot track, it is still challenging but easier than the main track. After a good solid rain this track can be even more challenging than it already is, so before you tackle this famous track be very well prepared. Otherwise you may just have to take the easy way round. The creek itself is pretty shallow and crystal clear so gauging depths should not be a problem. It is recommended that you plan your trip around the dry season to avoid road closures and wash outs. Gunshot Creek Tree Before you attempt the track make sure you have someone to pull you out in the event something goes wrong or have the winch cable ready. It is recommended for experienced and confident drivers only. The last thing you want when in a remote place is to damage your vehicle or be left stranded. So take all the precautions possible to ensure you come out the other end unscathed. Oh and have fun, it will definitely get your adrenaline levels PEAKING~! After completing the gunshot creek track you can continue on to Cape York and remember to take a pic of the "northern most point of aus" sign before you leave. Gunshot Creek

Handy Prep Tips For Gunshot Creek

Because of the unforgiving nature of the Old Telegraph track some good preparation is key. Most of the locals will suggest you have a good set of all terrains over dedicated mud tyres. Keep this in mind. Ensure that all of your recovery equipment is fully functional along with recovery points on your vehicle. If you have a couple of snatch straps looking a bit worn, turf them and buy a new set. Ensure your vehicle is in good working order and get a routine service before departing. If you know your vehicle and the parts that are prone to failure plack plenty of spares along with the correct tools for a quick fix. Ensure you have a good quality spare tyre and puncture repair kit on board. Pack plenty of water, food and ensure you have adequate fuel for the journey.

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