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Best Camping Chair Australia - No Fluff Review & Best Prices

Everyone has used a camping chair at some point in their lives. But what really defines the best camping chair australia? We believe that a good camping chair should have a fine balance of comfort, durability and quality. Obviously when you are out camping you want a nice comfy chair to sit back and relax.

At the same time you don't want a camping chair that's only going to last a couple of weeks due to the poor quality. I am 6 ft 3 and weigh close to 100kg so a strong well constructed camping chair is pretty important. There is nothing worse than when you are away camping and your camp chair breaks, leaving you to sit on the esky or log. (The worst).


Best Camping Chair Australia - Top 3 Picks


Our Top 5 Picks for the Best Camping Chair Australia starting at no 1 Below;


  1. Darche Camping Chair 380

    Darche Camping Chair

Coming in at number one is the Darche Camping Chair 380. If you're familiar with Darche, then you know they are renowned for creating well designed, high quality products. This Darche camping chair ticks all the right boxes in terms of size, durability, design and quality.

When you first take a seat in one of these beauties you can tell it's a quality product just by the feel. The material is a high quality poly fabric that is extremely durable and stands up well to the outback aussie environment. The seat comes with your traditional side storage compartment to hold your odd bits and pieces. To me the side storage isn't overly important but its still handy to have all the same.

The chair also has a cup holder that's correctly sized for most ready to drink Australian beverages. What really sold me on the chair is its strong and sturdy frame, quality poly material and wide feet. Why are wide feet important? To stop your chair sinking on you when your on mud/dirt terrain. Very handy. The Darche Camping Chair has been designed and rated to withstand people weighing up to 145kg.

The Darche Camping Chair is priced at around $95 bucks a little more than the other options on the market. But it is certainly worth paying a little extra for a quality product that won't need replacing in a months time.

Best Camping Chair Australia
Best Camping Chair Australia
Best Camping Chair Australia

2. OZTENT King Goanna Chair

Oztent King Goanna Camp ChairComing in at number 2 is the Oztent King Goanna Camp Chair arguably one of the best chairs on the market. A good friend of mine purchased one of these and it is certainly one of the best camping chair Australia. The Oztent Goanna Chair is made from high quality thick material with heavy duty stitching. Some would argue that this camping chair should be rated number one and for good reason.

The Goanna Chair is very comfortable, has a sturdy frame and offers an adjustable lumbar support strap. I didn't muck around with that too much to be honest, but may be useful for someone with a touchy back. The chair has two insulated cup holders that are down to the side, I personally prefer my cup holders on the arm rest.

There is also additional storage to store your odd bits and pieces on the side pockets. The chair is rated to 150kg and built tough, if you are a naturally bigger person and need piece of mind when buying a sturdy camp chair, the Oztent Goanna Camp Chair is up to the task.

3. OZTrail RV Sport Camping Chair

Oztrail RV Camping Chair

At Number 3 is the Oztrail RV Camping Chair is probably the strongest most durable camping chair money can buy. Rated to 200kg's and put together with a 19mm aluminium frame there is no arguing it's built tough. The feet are nice and wide and the the material is high quality rip stop canvas put together with heavy duty stitching.

The only trade off with the OZtrail RV Camp chair is it is not as comfortable when compared to the above two options. Don’t get me wrong, it is still a comfy chair but in my opinion it has been designed with one main goal, to last the test of time.

This is the type of camping chair you can throw in and out of the ute straight onto the ground, pack it up and do it all over again and again.

If you are after something that will last and is built for people on the heavier side, you gotta get yourself an RV Sport. The RV camp chair retails for around $89 bucks which we think is pretty good value.


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