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Best Camping Fridge – 6 INSANELY Reliable & Efficient Portable Fridges

Buying a Portable Fridge is a substantial investment and we understand you wanting to find the Best camping Fridge currently on the market. Most portable Fridges cost several hundreds of dollars and you want to be confident that your money is being well spent.

So what makes a Portable Fridge the best? In our opinion the most important factors in a camping fridge are efficiency, cooling capacity (temp range), storage capacity, warranty and brand track record.

Best Camping Fridge - What Size Camping Fridge Do I Need?

When deciding on the size of your camping fridge you need to take into consideration the following factors;


  • Available Physical Space For The Fridge
  • Number of People Likely To Use The Fridge
  • Weight Limit of Vehicle (GVM)

It seems most portable fridge manufacturers use the well known unit of measurement to allow people to visualize their capacity, that being total can storage. 15-20 Litres = 20 Cans - Good for two people and daily use. Not ideal for long trips. 35 Litres = 47 Cans - Goof fit for a couple for 2-3 Days or about a week for one person. 40 Litres = 60 Cans - Most Popular Capacity on the market, can comfortably accommodate two people for a week. 50 Litres = 72 Cans - Drawing a little more power but ideal for two people for a 7-9 Days if storing food efficiently. 60 Litres= 106 Cans - Demands a fair bit of physical space, but will last a 2-3 People for close to two weeks. 80 Litres = 120 Cans - Demands lots of space and draws large amounts of power, some planning required if using a fridge this size. (Power, GVM etc)

If you haven't already narrowed down the size of your portable fridge, use the above as a quick guide. Then, take some measurements of the space you have available for mounting your portable fridge and settle on an ideal size. Remember that most portable fridges will need a dual battery and solar setup when using for long periods of time.

Now that you have determined the size of Camping Fridge you're after, lets take a look at which are the Best Camping Fridge in each respective Litre range.


Best 15-20 Litre Camping Fridge

Waeco CF-18 Portable Fridge

Waeco CF18 Best Price

Our Top Pick within the 15-20 Litre Range is the Waeco CF-18 Portable Fridge. It has a neat, robust and compact design that is packed with impressive features.

This unit is able to provide refrigeration and deep freezing should you need to store meats or similar. The unit can reach down to -18 degrees celsius which is very impressive for such a small unit.

The Waeco CF-18 is one of the most energy efficient portable fridges within its category and draws minimal power regardless of the outside temperature.


What Comes In The Box:

The Cooler - 1 x 12/24 Volt Connection Cable - Operating Manual & Grille Divider

Waeco CF-18 Unit Dimensions:

Depth: 300mm

Height: 414mm

Width: 465mm

Warranty: Two Years

Unit Weight: 12Kg

User Review Rating: 4.75 / 5 Stars


The unit runs on your traditional R134A refrigerant that will last the test of time before needing to recharge. In most cases you will need to replace the unit before the need to re-gas will arise.

For a no stress, efficient, robust, tried and tested portable fridge that will not let you down you cannot go past the Waeco CF-18.


Best 30 Litre Camping Fridge

Engel MT35FP Digital Platinum Series

Best Camping Fridge

Coming in at No.1 within the 35 Litre range is the Engel MT35P Digital Platinum series. The unit is finished in a classy looking platinum color and fits in most 4wd and sedans quite easily. It has two metal tie down points for securing the unit to your vehicle. When we first got our hands on the Engel MT35 it was immediately evident that this unit is rugged and will stand up well to harsh environments.

Around 95% of the external casing of the unit is made from steel including the lid and handles making it incredibly tough. When opening the lid to the unit you will notice a small LED light for viewing contents in the dark. Pretty handy for obvious reasons.

You can fit a total of 44 cans within the Engel MT35 which is a decent amount of space for a couple of people over a few days. The Digital platinum series includes an easy to read digital display with easy to use digital controls and a built in battery monitor, which is pretty important. The unit at full draw will pull a maximum of 2.5 amps and when idling/maintaining temp once reached it will sit between .5-.8 amps.


What Comes In The Box:

The Cooler - 1 x 12 Volt Connection Cable - 1 X 240V Lead with 3 Pin Plug - Operating Manual

External Unit Dimensions:

Depth: 364mm Height: 408mm Width: 648mm

Internal Unit Dimensions:

Depth: 270mm Height: 270mm Width: 380mm

Warranty: Three Years Unit Weight: 21Kg

User Review Rating: 4.85 / 5 Stars



Best 40 Litre Camping Fridge

Dometic Waeco CFX 40 Fridge-Freezer

Best Camping Fridge

We have chosen the Waeco CFX 40 as the leader within the 40 Litre Category due to its value for money, durability and efficiency along with its proven track record. The waeco fridges are known for their reliability and while they are no the cheapest they are not as expensive as other options on the market.

The CFX 40 is extremely efficient that runs cool even in extreme temperatures and comes with impressive tech features such as wi-fi connectivity. The unit can be monitored and controlled via an app on your smartphone that's downloaded via the app store. The unit stores a total of 60 Cans and an 'upright reisling bottle' which is quite a big jump from the 35 Litre capacity.

This Fridge is the perfect all rounder in terms of size, portability, efficiency and durability. It would ideally suit 2-3 people going away for a 3-5 Day camping trip if you pack your food strategically. Again the fridge has a convenient LED Light inside for viewing contents in the dark and a removable basket that allows for easy access to contents.


What Comes In The Box:

The Waeco CFX 40 Cooler - 1 x 12/24 Volt Connection Cable - 1 X Removable Basket - Operating Manual

External Unit Dimensions:

Depth: 398mm Height: 461mm Width: 692mm

Warranty: Three Year Manufacturers Warranty + Additional 2 Years on Compressor.

Unit Weight: 18.5Kg

User Review Rating: 4.8 / 5 Stars



Best 50 Litre Camping Fridge

Wild Card Entry - NEW Companion 50L Transit Fridge with Bluetooth ONLY $649

Companion Transit Fridge


This fridge was first launched onto the market in March 2018 and is taking it up to the big players. It has impressive set of features that are similar in nature to the Waeco CFX 40 minus the price tag.

At around $400+ cheaper than the brand leaders this New Companion fridge is excellent value for money. It's exterior casing is made from the same material as the Waeco fridges that is complimented by it's slimline design.

It has a high efficiency compressor that has the ability to operate in Eco and Max modes for optimum control.



Unit Features:

  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Slimline, Durable Design
  • Rugged polypropylene casing
  • Easy To Use Digital control panel with Temp control
  • High efficiency DC compressor
  • 5V/2A USB outlet - To Charge Smart Devices (Handy)
  • Inbuilt 12/24V DC and 240V AC power inputs
  • 3 stage battery protection
  • Internal LED light
  • Removable basket with divider


External Unit Dimensions:

Length: 600mm Height: 390mm Width: 390mm

Best 60 Litre Camping Fridge

Engel MT60FP Platinum Series II Portable Fridge / Freezer

Engel MT60F Portable Fridge


When you are looking to invest in a Large Portable Fridge/Freezer it's worth spending a little more for better quality.

Engel is well known as one of the most reliable portable fridge brands on the market among 4wders and tourers. Each of the units are built tough with a highly durable steel frame and handles.

The Engel MT60FP Digital Platinum Series has arguably the industry best swing motor to provide exceptional cooling efficiency that's hard to match.

If you are starting to get serious with your touring and camping setup this should be the ONLY 60L camping fridge worth considering. With larger fridges come larger power draws, so efficiency is very important which this unit has in spades.

The MT60 has a convenient build in battery monitor and easy to used digital thermostat controls. Once the temperature has been set it will maintain that temp regardless of the changes in outside changes in climate.

Built Tough, Extremely Reliable, Highly Efficient and has plenty of storage, around 90 odd cans in total can be stored. Buy Quality ONCE, this unit will last you for YEARS to come.


What Comes In The Box:

The Engel Cooler - 1 x 12/24 Volt Connection Cable - 1 x 240V Connection Lead - Operating Manual

External Unit Dimensions:

Depth: 490mm Height: 441mm Width: 790mm

Internal Unit Dimensions:

Depth: 390mm Height: 310mm Width: 510mm

Warranty: Three Year Manufacturers Warranty + Option to add 4 Years Extended.

Unit Weight: 33Kg

User Review Rating: 5 / 5 Stars



Best 80l Camping Fridge

Engel MT80FCP Platinum Series II Portable Fridge / Freezer

Best 80L Camping Fridge We know, We know, another Engel fridge as part of our top pick. But you did seek the best and in the 75-80L range the Engel portable fridge takes the cake. With all of the same features of its smaller counter part above it should be the top pick for serious campers & tourers. This unit will last for many many years and has been tested and proven.


Remember, buy quality once and you won't have to pay twice. Having a quality fridge when touring is very important. Imagine driving for several hours to your ideal destination only to have your fridge die. No Thanks. These portable fridges draw a decent amount of power, take up a substantial amount of room and do add a bit of weight to your vehicle. All of these factors need to be taken into consideration and allowed for when adding to your setup.


What Comes In The Box:

The Engel Cooler - 1 x 12/24 Volt Connection Cable - 1 x 240V Connection Lead - Operating Manual

External Unit Dimensions:

Depth: 490mm Height: 561mm Width: 790mm

Warranty: Three Year Manufacturers Warranty + Option to add 4 Years Extended.

Unit Weight: 40Kg

User Review Rating: 5 / 5 Stars








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